Screen Printing Technology Advances Leading Companies

Technology has been a true blessing to humanity. With all the innovate features that have swarmed the printing industry you can obtain the design that you want within minutes. Modern day printers have allowed screen printing to reach new heights and have given customers a better product as the result.

If you are looking for a Houston screen printing company that has the latest technology along with highly skilled professionals you don’t have to look too far. Garment printing has always been a tedious task before because of the lack of advanced equipment. Big name manufacturers have put in countless hours of research to develop printers that can assist companies with their demands. T-shirt design companies biggest asset are their printers. Without the proper tools, they are left sitting idle as their competition takes the lead and rakes in the profits. This is why many companies have sought out obtaining the best equipment money can buy. Now the real competition begins on bringing innovative products to market.

T-shirt design companies second biggest asset becomes their creative professional staff. If they have the right tools to do the job their competition does as well. Staying up to date on trends in the market will keep them ahead of the game. Being interactive with social media outlets gives companies the opportunity to interact with their potential customer base. Knowing what people want and delivering more than they ask is always the best thing a company can do. With technology being so advanced people can create custom colors and test out new ideas before bringing them to market. Testing out different scenarios can help you save time when new ideas must be implemented. Markets change quick, and it’s wise to stock up on creative ideas to share with the world during your downtime.

The Five Best T-Shirt Design Software You Need To Have

When it comes to t-shirt design, software is one of the most important things that you need to consider, this is because good software will make your work neater and clearer when it is printed out. Whether you are new, or you are not sure of which design software is the best for you, then this write-up is for you so keep reading, and all your mind challenging question will be answered in no time. This write up can even save you money from buying sophisticated software when there is free software that can work efficiently.

Before I was proceeding, this articles is not to teach how to design t-shirt, it will only discuss different software packages used in t-shirt design and why and when each will be most useful.

Adobe Illustrator

If you prefer T-shirt design artwork that can be scaled to any size without compromising or changing the quality, then adobe illustrator will be the best for you. It is one of the best t-shirt designed software for vector based work. A lot of people prefer vectors because of the ability to scale to different size. Houston screen printing always accept the file that is designed with Adobe Illustrator for screen printing.


Did you just start a t-shirt design business, are you low on cash. If so, Inkscape is the right choice for you because it is totally free and like Adobe Illustrator it can design in vector format. In addition to that inkscape can be installed in all operating system.

Draw plus

Draw plus is t-shirt design software, but it has a lesser future when compared to inscape and adobe illustrator, but nevertheless, it also serves it purpose in designing t-shirt. It only runs on Windows operating system.

Adobe Photoshop

This is well-known software that can be used in t-shirt design if it can be afforded. The concept is the same as the above listed but artwork created using Adobe Photoshop are in form of images. Since enlargement of images will reduce its quality, design done with Adobe Photoshop will become blurry if the dimension is adjusted than what it is set to be during design production. Houston screen printing advice customer who are using Photoshop to always work on the actual size of the shirt to be designed to prevent blurry and pixilated work.


Gimp is also one of the software that can be used in t-shirt design it functions properly, and it produces similar work like Adobe Photoshop. Another added advantage of it is that it runs on the different operating system and eventually gives the same result.

In conclusion, all the software are good in t-shirt printing in a real sense and each will be able to suit a particular purpose at different instances but the choice is yours to choose the one that suits you.